What references are required for an airport Airside ID Pass in the UK?

Airside ID Pass

To work ‘airside’ at a UK airport, an ID pass is required. As well as confirming identity, criminal record history and completing relevant security training (GSAT), suitable references are required to support the application.

Five Year History Verification

The first stage of the process is to obtain a detailed 5-year history. This includes all periods of employment and education regardless of duration or nature. Before an application for an airside pass can be submitted a complete set of references covering exact dates spanning the last 5 years must be achieved. Gaps exceeding 28 days are not permitted and must be evidenced.

Employment History

Details should be provided for any past employment within the preceding 5-year period. This needs to include part-time or seasonal work and any ad-hoc paid work.

When obtaining employment references an appropriate referee must be contacted. This may be Human Resources for formal, direct positions, for agency work this would be the recruitment company or third-party payroll. Some positions may appear to be full time permanent positions but may be paid on a self-employed or contractor basis. This highlights the importance of obtaining detailed information before proceeding with references.

Educational Qualifications

All periods of study should be verified with the institution. These may be full time degree courses, part-time evening classes or distance learning and should be confirming even when the course or qualification was not complete.

Once all periods of employment and education have been established any gaps in the 5-year history can be identified so that a suitable reference can be obtained to support the period.

Gap References

Gaps in employment may arise for several reasons (including but not limited to):

  • Unemployment
  • Redundancy
  • Illness
  • Caring for family members
  • Career Breaks

It is important to recognise that gaps in employment do not mean an airside pass cannot be issued as long as the ID Centre can be satisfied of the following:

What the applicant was doing during the period

Where they were residing

How they were financially supported

Confirmation of the above typically can be achieved using a reference completed by a close friend with knowledge of the above. The referee must meet strict criteria set by the airport and supporting evidence is often required for example passport stamps or travel documentation, evidence of benefit claims or medical certificates.

Once all references have been obtained these must be carefully scrutinised to ensure they comply with the meticulous requirements of the ID Centre. Each airport has its own unique standards and allowable formats and it is essential to comply to avoid the application being rejected. All airport standards exist to ensure that the references submitted provide a clear, uncompromised account of the applicants history and that these were provided in good faith, from an appropriate contact, and that every step to minimise inaccuracy or tampering has been taken.

Tango Check work on behalf of many airside organisations to deliver complete 5 year history referencing ready to submit for airside ID pass applications. With detailed knowledge of the ID Centre requirements, the correct information and compliant references can be easily obtained ensuring a seamless application process. To find out more about our services visit the website www.tangocheck.co.uk or call us 01908 683 094.

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