Corporate Surveillance

Corporate Surveillance

Employee Sickness Observation

Employee sickness costs billions through sick pay, lost productivity and the employment of temporary staff to cover workloads. Surveillance can be conducted to determine whether employee sickness is genuine or whether an employee is fit to return to work.

Company Theft or Fraud

Company theft can encompass a wide range of issues from loss of stationary items to whole client databases and subsequent loss of business contracts. Surveillance can be put in place when you suspect employees and overt surveillance can also act as a deterrent for businesses with high value stock.

Local Authority Cases

Tango Check is well equipped to deal with cases presented by local authorities including proof of residencies, benefit fraud, fly tipping, dog fouling and litter issues.

Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Claims from all sectors including vehicle, home and health insurance are frequently abused with one of the most high profile being personal injury claims whereby the extent of an injury can often be glorified to aid the extraction of a higher payout. Surveillance is an effective method of obtaining information regarding a person's day to day capabilities without their awareness.

Vehicle Tracking

Many businesses provide company vehicles for business use only. Vehicle tracking can be an excellent way of determining where your vehicles are travelling and also can help to ensure your vehicles (and employees) are where they should be during office hours. You will be provided with a report after each day detailing where and how far each vehicle has travelled and in many cases can log in at any time of the day or night and check the exact location of a vehicle.

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