Covid-19 and why now could be the perfect time to consider your outsourcing options for vetting.

Covid-19 Airport Screening

For many businesses Covid-19 has hit like a frying pan to the face Tom & Jerry style and, for a good few weeks, we have all been left dazed and confused with those coloured little stars buzzing around our heads. Whilst immediate thoughts were to batten down the hatches and cut costs wherever possible here are a few reasons to evaluate your staff vetting: 

Is it cost effective to retain staff? – You may have a successful in-house screening team (hats off to you if you have managed to establish one). If you are currently using the government furlough scheme consider how you will preserve this team and bring them back to full capacity particularly in sectors such as Aviation where return to normal will be much slower than other industries. An outsourced solution could bridge the gap here, for example, where new Airside ID passes are required but not at a volume that justifies a fulltime staff member. This could also provide a valuable insight as to how an outsourced service could support your business at other peak times in the future as and when workload required.  

Is your current solution performing? – If you currently use an outsourced service and encounter problems there is no better time to explore your options. One of the biggest obstacles to change is often a lack of time to research along with the inconvenience of moving away, retraining management and disrupting candidates. With most recruitment on hold and more available time for most, consider evaluating where your needs are not being met and whether your expectations could be exceeded elsewhere, the current downtime could be a fantastic transition period.  

Compliance mustn’t suffer – It is no secret that recruitment isn’t exactly a booming industry right now so, when that placement or new hire does come along, conducting the right checks will be paramount. With many people working from home or furloughed normal procedure could easily be overlooked and prove costly in both time, reputation, and money further down the line. Are you confident that you are maintaining an adequate level of pre-employment screening during this crisis? 

Do you have a robust screening policy in place? – Perhaps you are in a sector not bound by vetting legislation and pre-employment checks have been on your ‘to-do’ list for some time. Often these checks can slip by the wayside in a busy environment. Now could be a great time to get on top of this and implement a procedure going forward.  


Tango Check provides an outsourced pre-employment screening service across multiple sectors specialising in Airside ID Pass Referencing for the aviation industry and has extensive experience in onboarding for financial recruitment and other high risk areas. We remain fully operational during this time, supporting our current clients and welcoming the opportunity to network with organisations who may benefit from our services in the future. I 01908 683 094 I 

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