Checks Available

Checks Available

ID Verification & Right to Work

The most fundamental stage in any screening process, ensuring your candidate is who they claim to be and has the legal right to work in the UK. We collate and cross check documentation, utilising MRZ check technology to detect fraudulent passports and ID documents.

Employment References

Verifying the information supplied by a candidate on their CV confirms their suitability for a position and identifies any discrepancies surrounding employment dates, position, reason for leaving and in some cases salary.

UK & International Credit Checks

Mitigate the risk posed by individuals under financial stress by assessing your candidate's financial background including CCJ's, Bankruptcy Orders and Voluntary Arrangements in the UK and overseas.

Criminal Records

When applicable, Tango Investigations can coordinate Basic, Standard and Enhances Disclosures and worldwide criminality checks.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

The area in which we see the highest level of discrepancy. Ensure your candidates have the relevant qualifications for the role and confirm the integrity of the information supplied with regards to grades and attendance dates.

Social Media Profiling

Protect your brand and avoid costly tribunals by analysing your candidate's social media footprint. Entirely compliant with current legislation social profiling identities how your candidates portray themselves online and highlights instances of bullying, harrassment, negativity surrounding employers and inappropriate language and imagery.

DVLA Driving Licence Validity

Authenticate UK driving licences with the DVLA including driver details, registered categories and licence points.

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