BS 7858:2012 Security Screening

BS 7858:2012 Security Screening

BS 7858:2012 is the Code of Practice for security screening of individuals and third party individuals to be employed in a security environment by an organisation. This should be done prior to their employment but can be completed within 12 weeks of commencing employment.


To comply with the code of practice the following checks are required:

  • Electronic ID Verification
  • Credit Check (UK and Overseas where applicable)
  • Right to Work
  • 5 year employment history verification with no gaps greater than 31 days
  • Academic Qualifications (if within the 5 year period)
  • Criminal Records Check (level as applicable)
  • Personal / Character Reference

The code for BS 7858 Vetting requires that an attempt is made to obtain verbal references within 48 hours of employment commencing.

Why screen with Tango Check?

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It is important to keep up to date with modern technology and whilst our methods are analytical and based on exceptional attention to detail, it is important to keep our services current and efficient. Our cloud based screening platform ensures your confidential data is secure and can be accessed by us from anywhere. As a client you can log in to the system at any time to determine the status of checks and subsequently data recovery and disaster recovery are no issue. Every stage of the process is completed online, from your candidate details to the final report, producing a full audit trail for every action.

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